Fly Angry Bird Cake

No, it’s not an update of the highly successful game; this version’s a creamy, floury replica of your favorite game of Angry Birds. So my fellow iPhone and touch screen interface users of the world, here’s a cake dedicated to the power of Touch.Fly Angry Bird Cake, Fly into my Mouth!

I believe Angry Birds is making its way into the classics and years from now, will be exactly what Snake is to us now. The game is remarkably addictive and is great fun playing in those boring lectures at college or at work where the evil pigs remind you of your boss. It’s just so cool destroying those dirty pigs, burying their snouts with concrete, and what if I tell you that the lone Red Bird which helped you fetch those high scores right from stage one is up for grabs?
Yes, the sole Red Bird forms this spectacular Angry Bird Cake and aims at nothing less than broadening the smile on any iPhone user’s face. The cake by PSP Meet is crafted and baked with perfection, and what’s more? It’s still angry at the pigs, so it’ll be a task making your friend or child stop tapping the application and getting started, and get him to cut this mouth watering cake.
Well what if you have a friend whose is extremely short tempered and you don’t know what to get him on his birthday which is right around the corner? I’ll say go for this cake! Angry Bird Cake for an Angryfriend’s Birthday. LOL! Angry Birds fans could try out the,  Angry Birds iPhone Cases or you might want to get him/her a Twitter Chocolate Cake.