22 Greatest Hi-tech Fireplace Designs

Winter is coming to town. Even though the perspective of the whole family gathering together around a fireplace to exchange daily happenings might be a little bit too utopian, the fireplace is still an indispensable gadget to survive through the cold weather. Getting a modern gadget that fits both your purpose, your house decoration and your geeky orientation is never an easy task. The list of 22 greatest hi-tech fireplace designs below can be used as reference to warm up your home.

Hearth & Home Aqueon

As the world’s first consumer hydrogen-burning fireplace, Hearth & Home Aqueon electrolyzes water to harvest its hydrozen. The high-tech fireplace can keep 100% output of heat in the room. The open-flame’s combustion buy-products are heat and water vapor which allow it to work without a chimney. The fancy fireplace comes with a fancy price of $50,000, but you can save a lot of money for fuel as Aqueon operates by normal tap-water only.

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I-Frame Fireplace with Hidden TV

I-Vision, introduced by Dutch fireplace manufacturer Helex, is an innovative product that integrates a Full HD TV with a modern fireplace. The flat-screen TV is designed to fit completely in the fireplace breast, covered with a fine glass panel, or a black panel. You can even chose to customize your TV set-up with DVD/Blu-ray, PlayStation or other gaming consoles.

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Wall-Mounted Fireplace

This fireplace can actually mount on your wall like one of those flat plasma TVs without a chimney or a flue. Using small catalytic converters, the wall-mounted fireplace has “the ability to burn off the odorous and stale air in the room and efficiently return warm and neutral air back into your airspace.”

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Superior Athos Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace will not only save you from all the fueling, ashy troubles of a traditional fireplace, but will also add a hi-tech touch to your living space. Designed by Superior Athos, the model resembles a flat screen TV with the flame flickering behind a glass display.


Utilizing cutting edge LED circuits with single and multiple color options, the Electroscape promises to provide your home with both warmth of a traditional fireplace and beauty of hi-tech landscape. It can be controlled using a remote control handset.

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Solo Electric Stove

Meticulously hand crafted from cast iron, Solo electric stove from Esse Stoves is a true piece of art that can bring both aesthetics and warmth to your house. Instead of using an electric fan, this mobile electric fireplace operates on radiant heat where the heat radiates from the top, providing a silent and gentle source of warmth.

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Esse 515 Flueless Stove

Another creation from Esse, Esse 515 gas stove appears in a flashy contemporary style. The fireplace features latest catalytic technology that does not only clean gas emissions before leaving the stove, but also helps to remove odors in the home and neutralize airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier home environment. As no energy is wasted up a chimney, all the generated heat will be used to warm your room, which lowers running costs.

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Water Drop Fireplace

Designed by Acácio Viegas, this takes the shape of a water drop. This unique fireplace will ensure to make anyone who happens to walk into your living space utter in awe. The hearth is fueled by denatured ethanol, a solvent composition of ethyl alcohol which burns with no smell and smoke at all

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Arkiane Modern Artistic Fireplace

Inspired by a God of the ancient Incas, the Yan-Li fireplace from Arkiane has reached such an aesthetic level that if not for the fire flickering inside, it would be well taken for an artistic wall decoration. Mounted comfortably on the wall, the fireplace can be brought home without taking up any space.

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Vauni Globe Fireplace

What seems to be a Pac-Man inspired design you see here is the world’s only globe-shaped fireplace from Markus Grip called Vauni Globe. The hearth measures 23.86 inches in height and 23.78 inches in width, and can be rotated at 360 degrees for best viewing and flexibility. If you want to bring one home, prepare yourself for a loss of $6000.

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Adjustable Hanging Fireplace

The rotatable hanging fireplace from Cocoon Fires might look a little bit alien, yet it’s amazingly practical. Highly mobile, it can bring you warmth anywhere, both outdoor and indoor, without taking up any place. You can also equip your fireplace with legs to convert it into a floor model.

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Hanging Babylon Fireplace

Called Babylon after the legendary hanging, Stephane Perruchon’s fireplace is a wonder of fireplace design features the fire held up in the air, in the middle of nowhere by steel cables. The stunning unconventional design comes with updated technology which uses clean energy ethanol to warm you up during winter without hurting our mother nature.

Fire Shelf

A beautifully curved shelf like this is what you need to add the final touch to your Japanese-styled living room. Inspired by the Samurai sword, the wooden fire shelf doubles as a bookshelf, and can be hung on the wall like a piece of decoration.

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EcoSmart Cyl Fireplace

If you are looking for something stylish and practical to warm an outdoor party, EcoSmart might be exactly what you want. Called by the manufacturer as a cylindrical shaped “tea light” fireplace, EcoSmart features a round stainless steel base and a toughened glass surround that embraces the flame. The fireplace can be turned on and off as desired using the accompanying lid which extinguishes the flame once put into position.

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EcoSmart Zeta Fireplace

Another innovative design from EcoSmart, Zeta can make a geek mistake it for a fire coming out from an open laptop. Like all other products of the company, Zeta fireplace is fueled by a renewable modern energy, denatured Ethanol in this case,which burns clean and is virtually maintenance free.

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Radius Flame Collection

Fireplace design has advanced to such an extend that even the shape of the flame is taken care of. Home Flame Collection from  Radius Design makes sure that each combustion creates a beautiful flame down to the very last drop of bio-ethanol. The fireplace features combustion chamber made of double-skin stainless steel, with a special ceramic sponge in the middle and can be placed on wall, floor, or table-top mounting.

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Portable Fireplace FIREBO-X

Schulte Design has gone beyond the traditional stick-to-the-wall hearths to create a super portable fireplace that asks for mere less than 2’ space which makes it perfect for outdoor parties as well as your living room. FIREBO-X comes in the shape of a compact yet elegant wooden case and uses eco-friendly  liquid bio-ethanol that leaves no residuals behind.

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Malle à Feu

This hi-tech fireplace by Atria is not only amazingly beautiful but also very mobile and safe. Open the chest and warm your house with a full self-contained functioning fireplace fueled by bio-ethanol. Sold at $5,400, the fire in the chest lives up to its design as the treasure of traditional fireplace in your modern house.

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Table Top Fireplace

When you start thinking that fireplaces couldn’t get any more portable, the table top fireplace comes in the picture with the size of the flame being reduced to something that resembles a candle flame. Though this miniature won’t make a great replacement for the traditional, it will definitely impress your partner on a romantic dinner. The product includes a 10″ x 14″ base to hold the logs in place. The fireplace relies on liquid paraffin lamp oil.

Berline 360°

Berline 360° stands to justify that a flue stove can be no less of a wonder to your inferior than its “no flue” counterparts. The chimney is smoothly integrated into the design to make it not only a heating device but also an elegant glass cup shelf. You can also choose the rotating version that enables the fire to be seen wherever you are in the room.

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Bullerjan Fireplace

Bullerjan fireplaces, designed by German company Energetec, are modern fireplaces whose old school appearance reminds you of steampunk machines. They come in five classic styles: Bullerjan, Classic, Design, Stone, and Industry; each has the ability to warm your home continuously in a clean manner.

Waterfall Fireplace

Water and fire rarely go together, but when they do, they will be such a wonder that can make your fireplace look interesting even during summer time. The hearthfall is a hearth that features a waterfall in front the fire. In the summer, you can have the relaxing sound of flowing water while in the winter, the warming sound of crackling fire, or a combination of the two as the water can flow even with or without fire behind it.

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