Beer Keg PC Casemod Removes the Alcohol but Adds a Computer

Walking the aisles at PDXLAN 16.5, a gaming conference in Portland Oregon, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find some rocking PC casemods. This beer keg PC casemod, however, stands above the rest with sheer awesomeness.

Admittedly there are a few drawbacks to building out your computer into a keg. Most importantly, it no longer pours alcohol anymore. That in and of itself might give you cause to write the mod off, but besides looking badass, it still retains some functionality. It still manages to function as a bottle opener, so all is not lost, I suppose.

The keg mod was created by a gentleman who goes by the name Ben Lzicar. He started with an empty Anheuser-Busch keg, cut it open, and then installed all of the usual PC pieces. The keg was also coasted with a rather glossy black finish, then trimmed with chrome. Of course that isn’t enough for most modders, it simply wouldn’t be complete without some obnoxious LED lights. Hey, what do you know, it has that too! Some other suggestions included filling the keg with mineral oil for cooling purposes and to make it look like the keg was actually full. That would definitely be cool, but I’d be a little worried that it would leak into the machine parts somewhere.

If you’re interested in other cool casemods, I can point you to more than a few here on Walyou. If you’re a biking enthusiast, there’s this rather bright Pocketbike i7 Casemod that doubles as a motorcycle and a workstation. If you’re in the mood for Science Fiction instead, there’s this District 9 Case mod. Enjoy.

Via: Technabob