Twitter Analytics Product is Now Official

Twitter is really getting into the nitty gritty by starting to offer their newest Twitter Analytics product to selected users. This new Analytics system of Twitter will allow users throughout to learn a lot more about their tweets and surrounding information.

twitter analytics screenshot

As Mashable mentioned (including images from @mongoosemetrics), the new Twitter Analytics will allow Twitter users to dive into their accounts and be able and dissect the different responses, metrics and actions other have done and why. Some details that Analytics will present are the most successful tweets, if users unfollowed because of a particular tweet and even present the most successful and influential users who reply and retweet messages.

As one could expect from an analytics product, Twitter will also break down the information by graphic charts that will provide you an entire picture of follows, unfollows, mentions, tweets, etc. Besides having it broken down into 6 hour segments, Analytics users will also be able to include detailed filters, so they can arrive to better assumptions and decisions.

twitter analytics screenshot page

As of now, news sources state that it does not seem like Twitter will be charging for such in depth analytics, which will probably make it even more worthwhile for all Twitter users.

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