Learn to Make a Star Wars Jedi Training Globe!

So you liked Star Wars and of course the Jedi? Everyone does, in fact Jeidi has become one of the legendary characters of all time. Also, not only Jedi but all of the weird gizmos from Star Wars have captured our imaginations for years.

If you remember Jedi had a training globe which used to float here and there and the person being trained had to follow it. If you do remember it then you would be glad to know that Phillip Torrone has invented that globe at home. I mean it’s not exactly the same globe and it can’t fly here and there, but it still is worth keeping as a showpiece.

So, how did he do it?

Well what Phillip did was that he took a floating globe (the one which you can get from any gift shop) and then worked on the globe to make it look like the Jedi one. Okay, this all sounds easy but it is actually quite difficult. He has worked on every detail quite well. Even those tiny marks on the globe are in perfect harmony with the rest of the elements.

The sad part is that this globe won’t really fly in your room or elsewhere. It will just remain within the stand of the globe. But, I think even then it is quite a cool thing to have. If you are a Star Wars fan and you love collecting things associated to it then I guess this one would be one great addition to your collection. Moreover, what I particularly like about the thing is that it looks quite magical or in other words, it looks like it has come right from the collection of Jedi himself!

Honestly speaking, I have seen tons of Star Wars accessories but this thing is something unique. First off, it is homemade and secondly, the whole concept is quite amazing. I never thought that anyone would one day develop this thing as well but there you go someone out there really did it. This one is a prototype so you might want to check out the other ones too.

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