Angry Birds Cake with the Whole Clan of the Birds and Pigs!

Chocolate has been defined by many of us to be a separate category of food, these days, especially with the wide variety of chocolates available to gorge on. And one such cool variety is chocolate cakes. Who doesn’t like cake and what is better than chocolate cake?

Well, here is a cake design that will surprise you in a good way. The surprise comes in the design and the concept and how the creator of this cake has been successful in designing the cake, that any person who has played the Angry Birds game before will be able to tell that the cakes design has been inspired from the game.

We all love cakes, and the Angry Birds games, well most of us do. For those of you haven’t played the game yet, please try it but a warning here: it is addictive!  There is a whole of detailing required in this cake and the creator has been very meticulous and taken care of each and every character that is present in the game. The cake has all the angry birds from the game on the left hand side of the rectangular shaped cake base, and has all of the evil pigs on the right hand side of the cake.

The base of the cake and the hilly area where the evil pigs are seen chilling has been made with dark chocolate (and your mouth waters!) the taste of the rest of the parts/characters on the cake are unknown, but as you can see from the image, the cake looks so well groomed, that you or your guests will not be able to resist the temptation of cutting the cake, which is quite the point of having the cake at a party.

Creativity and representation of designs in cakes has become a fad these days, any and every design of cake is possible. Think of a design and you will have that shaped cake for your special day. So, go ahead think about having this designed cake at one of your parties and let the guests keep complimenting you all night about your unique cake and awesome party and how the cake made the evening so much more fun!

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