Here are the Next Generation Nomad Outdoor Rugged Handheld Computers

If you have been a fan of rugged handheld computers then here is some good news for you – Trimble has recently announced that it will be launching its new series of Nomad outdoor handheld computers.

The main one would be Nomad 900 series which will be integrated with a 5 megapixel with auto focus camera, WiFi capabilities and of course, a lot better GPS performance factors. The good part is that all of these features will be there in a rugged and solid body so it will be your perfect computing companion for outdoor activities unlike most of the handheld computers which are quite delicate.

First off, the 900 series will have an ultra-fast 806 MHz processor. In addition, it will also have Trimble’s graphics processing. The processor will also have advanced caching capabilities and high-speed journaling file system. If you don’t know then let me tell you that with these features, the 900 series becomes one of the fastest Windows Mobile handheld computers around. The 900 series will also feature a 5200mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, sunlight visible VGA touch screen, and 6 GB of internal flash memory. Aren’t those some real mind blowing specs? To me they are, and you couldn’t wish for more in a handheld computer!

To be honest, comparing this series to the iPhone series, I think we have better options now. Of course for your business meetings, the iPhone would be a better option, but for all those adventure loving folks this 900 series is ideal. It is sturdy and meets the MIL-STD-810F standard for vibration, temperature extremes resistance, drops and shocks, and it comes with an IP67 rating. Moreover, the CF (CompactFlash) and the SD slots (Secure digital slots) can be used to expand the memory and so on.

There will be two products launched in this range – The Trimble® Nomad® 900 Series Rugged Handheld Computer and the Trimble® Nomad® 900G Series. The rugged handheld computer will be a solid all inclusive mobile computer for developers and the other one would be a powerful GPS for superior performance.

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Via: Trimble