USB in a Floppy Disk – How Cool is That?

Until a decade ago, when we wanted to share or transfer data, we all used a device known as the floppy disk, and surprisingly (not) today’s young children have very little or no knowledge about such a thing as the floppy disk’s existence was a once upon a time.

We all love going old school, be it tradition, food, music, among other choices. Here is another opportunity for you to go old school but remain cool at the same time. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, yes, here is your chance to use the floppy disk again for transfer and sharing of data, but with a twist. The twist being that this floppy disk looks like one, but is actually a USB.

Yes, you read that correct! Charles has designed this awesome USB storage device in a floppy disk. Two floppy disks amalgamated into one, so that the floppy disk could cover and hold the USB stick inside of it. Just like every USB stick has some sort of little red or any other colored light flickering when it’s in use, showing that the USB stick has been recognized by the computer, laptop, or any other device you are using. Charles managed to do the same, and get a little red light flickering when the USB is connected to the computer and is recognized.

Some people might think, it’s not really cool to be seen walking around with a floppy disk in your hand or bag, and some might be embarrassed to remove this floppy disk when in a meeting, but let me tell you when people will learn about the awesome design and use of this floppy disk, they will certainly know how technologically advanced you are and look at you as the tech guru.

To sum it up, it’s a great concept, design, and looks great and when connected to the computer it looks like you are using a floppy disk, but a small wire stick out of the floppy disk which has the USB stick, which looks pretty cool. See it for yourself in the pictures. And hey, going old school is always considered to be cool, so go for it!

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