Wall-E Lunchbox

Wall-E Lunchbox. The name brings memories of the most amazing science fiction movie character of all time, known as Wall-E. The yellow colored robot is a lonely satellite that roams around in search of friends and manages to make many of them. What more do you want, apart from a lunchbox for your kid, with the shape and size of his favorite character Wall-E ? That is exactly what you have in store, once you take the decision to purchase and give something extremely lovely and caring for your kid on his special occasion. You could always give this item to him on his birthday and ask him to carry it to school or anywhere else, when he goes out from his house.

Side view

This lunchbox by Vic Pramono also has been designed exclusively for those who love to play with the friendly Wall-E. The friendly warmth and feel created by this character is brought to life by this elegant and simple design of Wall-E lunchbox. This lunch box has a very big capacity and could be used to store food items for at least 2 to 3 meals. Hence, kids can use it to carry meals for their friends as well. This yellow colored cute lunchbox will induce envy amongst the friends circle of your kid. The cute blue eyes of Wall-E will invite friendship from those around your kid.


The hand has been designed as a protection for the lunchbox, so that the particles stored inside do not come out easily. Hence, your kid can rest assured that anything stored inside of this lunchbox does not come out of it even if his friends force him to do so. The wall-e lunchbox is so lively that it gives an impression of being live always. It is very smart and elegant as well. This is a multi speciality lunchbox, since it can be used as a toy as well as a lunchbox. This is water resistant and does not corrode as well. The people who have used this item already have been very satisfied with the results so far. This is almost unbreakable, since it is made out of thick material. This is an ideal companion for your kid, since it gives him the much needed security and warmth that he could have wanted or longed for. You could ask your child to treat it as a friend and a lunchbox, which he would after finding such a cute box. This lunchbox can even be used as a security alarm, if your kid wants to alert you in need. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and so is the Wall-E lunchbox.

Opened full view

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