Three Layers SHIFT MMO Keyset is All the Gamers can Dream of

Well I think the techno-mania is just crossing the conventional boundaries every week, coming up with mind-blowing gadgets that can only be dreamed of. And this keyset is the ultimatum of fabulous concept with best technology integrated in it, now tagged as the SHIFT MMO keyset.

This concept, initiated by Steel Series engine software, portrays the keyset with unimaginable functions and benefits, which I will surely brief you about. The main aspect of this Shift MMO Keyset is that it has specially designed keys for the sole purpose of movement, communication, and emotes. It consists of various keys for mappings, personalization according to your requirements, media controls, illuminated indicators to make you aware of the active layer, and much more.

One of the coolest aspects here is that you can personalize every key on the Shift with the tech-savored software provided, with three layers of F-keys added to the shift, thus one can activate any at a time using hotkeys, and also 2 layers of emote. So I think you are going to bang your gaming stations with this keyset, for the specific operational keys, that are most frequently used, are created more delicately to be easily pressed with ease.

Thus, this SHIFT MMO keyset definitely serves as multi-functional device, that’s going to hit the market very soon, for around $24.99. Well, till your eyes keep searching for this in the stores next to you, you can also enjoy some other fantastic dynamic boards like Amazing Laptop Designs or the Solar Powered Keyboard.