LG Optimus 7 Defends itself Against 3 Men in New Stop-Motion

So guys when we talk about a cool stop-motion clip what do we want in it? We want it to be extremely fascinating, some good graphics and of course the concept should be good. We hardly get to see such clips because honestly speaking, most of them either lack good graphics or the concept part.

But this stop-motion clip of which we are talking today is a complete one. Honestly, from the concept to the graphics, everything is up to the mark.

The concept:

First off, the concept of this stop-motion clip is pretty cool. LG Optimus 7 is defending itself against 3 men in black who are there to either destroy it or steal it. The clip shows the phone dodging them and fighting them in a pretty cool way. Now here is the best part – everything that the phone does is somehow related to the features it has. I would say, if you don’t really know anything about the Optimus 7 then you should watch this clip to get a good idea of what the phone is about. Honestly speaking, even I didn’t know about it until I watched the clip. The ideas are presented in a very neat manner so it won’t take long for you to figure where the clip is going.

I particularly like the part where the phone bashes into the Windows cylinder and acquires the power of Windows. Now, it wouldn’t take a genius to guess out that this part simply means that the phone is integrated with Windows and is a smartphone. The second best part is where the phone tries to distract the men by playing a video on the TV through Bluetooth (I guess). The video appears as if it is real and the men are distracted enough for the phone to beat the hell out of them. Again, this part shows that the video capturing capabilities and video playback of the phone is excellent. In the climax when all men are down except for one, the phone shares a picture on the screen telling them to get lost which is again a humorous yet concept driven part. Lovely video Patrick!

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