The Geeky Keyboard Function Key Clock

It’s 2 am and everyone else at home is fast asleep. I look around as my eyelids droop. My mouth opens letting out a bored, sleepy yawn. I look at the clock and suddenly my sleepiness vanishes. What is this outstanding piece of art showing the time as F2? It is one of the geekiest clocks that I’ve ever come across called the Keyboard Function Key Clock!

Keyboard Fuction Key Clock 1

The looks of this clock simply radiate geekiness and right from the digits to the material used everything of this clock is so perfectly assembled that it’s hard taking your eyes off it.

Keyboard Fuction Key Clock 2

This clock shows you the time with the help of a 10 year old laptop computer’s function keys. Yes, it’s now not 1pm but F1 pm and what a wonderful change it is not having to look at those regular numerical digits or roman numbers which other clocks feature. In addition to this geeky aspect, the dial of this clock is mounted on an antique 5 ¼ inch  floppy disk adding to its beauty and brilliance.

Keyboard Function Key Clock 3

This clock makes way for a great conversation and believe me, every friend you invite home is going to be awestruck at its sight and ask you tons of questions about it.

This clock is for sale at only $14.99 and also makes a great gift for any geeky friend or nephew.

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