The AirCurve Play – Amplifying Sound without Batteries or Electricity

The iPhone 4 released in June and has gone to become one of the hottest selling consumer gadgets of this year. As expected, the slate phone captured the public’s imagination and has become a prized possession amongst mobile phone users. When a new iPhone is released, accessories for the phone are released by various agencies as well.

AirCurve Play is an iPhone 4 accessory designed and released by Griffin Technology. The agency has a legacy of manufacturing inventive accessories such as the iTrip brand of FM transmitters and the innovative Evolve Wireless Sound System. With the Aircurve Play, the agency has once again created an original and innovative accessory for iPhone users.

The AirCurve Play is a new age acoustic amplifier that boosts up the sound of the slate phone by 10 decibels. The iPhone 4 has been marketed as a phone for video conferencing and as a portable gadget for media such as movies, music, and games. An acoustic amplifier will definitely heighten the experience of the slate phone for users. Unlike other iPhone 4 accessories, the AirCurve Play does not require any kind of power source, be it batteries or DC cables.

The designers at Griffin Technology has fashioned the acoustic amplifier that uses the natural laws of physics, such as sound waves, to amplify sound emerging from the speaker of the iPhone 4. Crafted from high-grade polycarbonate in a see-through body frame, the square shaped AirCurve Play has a central dock to fix the slate phone. The space surrounding the central dock is designed to amplify sound waves with a rectangular depression to the left of the dock which acts as an internal waveguide. The amplifier collects the sound from the speaker and throws it around the room by amplifying it in a built-in coiled waveguide.

The aesthetics of the AirCurve Play is strikingly Spartan. The body frame is composed of two layers of transparent plastic that is attached to each other with screws. The four black screws provide a modern contrast to the translucent body. iPhone 4 users would certainly appreciate the minimalistic look of the acoustic amplifier.

With the AirCurve Play, users would no longer need to attach headphones or speakers while watching movies, playing games, or listening to songs. The amplifier can also double up as stand for the iPhone 4 and can position it in landscape and portrait mode.

The AirCurve Play currently retails for $19.99 and can be found on Griffin

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