Ultimate Bus Station Kiosk

The Bus Station, a conceptual bus kiosk for sophisticated travelers, seems to have it all figured out. The design incorporates the ability to search weather, rail, and line information, as well as plan a trip – all via a touch-based interface.

Theoretically users would be able to check the route and destination of their bus (or tram) from one kiosk. No more consulting complicated time-tables and wondering if your bus is actually going to be on time. Need to check the weather? No problem. Want to check the headlines? No problem. Sounds pretty utopian so far.

In fact, I think that the designer, Soonkyu Jean, has come up with a rather interesting concept. In countries with highly integrated public transportation, this little device could be a life-saver. Granted, I’m not sure how many of these units you would need for one rush hour commute, (or how much each unit would cost.)

There are countries and cities that have kiosks similar to this – that is kiosks that print tickets and provide some information. Many locations have integrated overhead display boards, which chart the progress of busses and trams. These real time updates take the headache out of having to ponder just when you’re going to be able to get to work.

Although an intriguing concept, it seems as though this is one big smartphone app waiting to happen. Or perhaps, it’s already happened. Let me rephrase: one big app waiting to be vandalized. It seems feasible that Soonkyu Jean might be able to use the interface design and concept to create a smartphone app that could implement the same ideas.

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Via: Yanko Design