Let Your Kid Sit Down while He Sledges Away this Christmas

There’s hardly any time left for Christmas to arrive, the season of snow and fun. So are you going for a little holiday or planning to sled anywhere? Then don’t forget to pack the latest equipment for the highest fun and excitement for your little kids, the seated sled board.

I am sure you would have more fun in anything you do, when things go a bit crazy or makes you feel nerdy, giving you a feeling like you are having a blast of your life. Well, this awesome, adorable little sled board, targeted mainly for kids above 5, comes along with a seat, and is a perfect snowboard for you to zip down the snowy slopes.

With the dimensions of 13″ H x 10.5″ W x 38″L, the sled’s center of gravity is lowered, enhancing the movements of the sled, leading it to a smoother journey, at a price of just for $49.95.

So now you don’t need to waste time learning how to balance at the curves of the slopes with the standing sleds, for this one provides a comfort luxury for you to just skid down the snow, just like the Star Wars Millenium Falcon Sleds, that also guarantee never-ending fun for all.

Consisting of a 12″ heighted seat, the sled also boasts anti-skid channels for great grip, thus the only work left for the rider is to drag along with the boots, directing the board, creating a perfect atmosphere during the winter fall, bringing in the fun and excitement in your kids.