24 Geekiest Clocks Ever Made

A clock is something that is a must in every household. This is one thing that people choose according to their taste and style rather than what suites their walls. If you are one of those geeky types, who love to know their time is a creative, unique, and complex way, then the geekiest clocks mentioned in the article are the right things for you. It can’t get geekier than this, for sure!

Wave Clock

For those who don’t want to know the exact time, but just something close to it or those who love interesting clocks which doesn’t look like one then this “Wave Clock” is perfect for them. The Wave Clock is part timepiece and part kinetic sculpture which uses ball bearings. The ball bearing are moved by unseen magnets below the clock’s surface, with the only marking being a dimple signifying 12 o’clock.

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Poetry Reading Rolling Clock

Poetry Reading Rolling Clock” – This innovative clock reveals the passing of the time by rolling around your desk and telling time in one long continuous sentence. Designer Buro Vormkrijgers has designed this clock in reaction to our stressed lives, where we tend to plan our daily activities to the minute. This clock simply tells you “It’s about six o’clock” or “It’s almost seven now.” While rolling around your table, the slow but constant, almost meditative motion allows you to relax and maybe even forget about the time for a few minutes.

The Gear Clock

A fascinating and novel wall clock “The Gear Clock” uses gears to work. The gears all spin around slowly and quietly creating a very eye catching unique clock and make a real center piece in one’s room. The clock is ideal for the modern home wherein something a bit different is required. The Gear Clock is made of high quality black plastic with some metal components.

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Gear Crank Wall Clock

This “Gear Crank Wall Clock” is made using a recycled bicycle gear crank and a new quarts drive movement. It would make a great piece on your wall or a great gift for that biker you know who is so hard to shop for. Since these clocks are made from actual recycled bike parts, there will be imperfections consistent with age, etc. This gear was sandblasted, primed, and repainted.

Doctor Who Dalek Illuminating Wall Clock

Maybe you have always wanted to release the inner geek within and start collecting Doctor Who toys and gadgets. Well what is stopping you? Well when you come up against one of the most dangerous creatures in the universe you will have nothing to fear as it is just a wall clock. This “Doctor Who Wall Clock” has the minute and hour hands of the front of the body. It is designed so that when the lights go out it will illuminate, telling you the time.

Sushi Wall Clock

Don’t look at the time when you are hungry, it will make you more hungry. This “Sushi Clock” as the name suggests looks like a traditional Japanese dish sushi. It is a 21 cm diameter wall clock made of hard plastic with high quality imitation sushi that looks realistic and the hands of the clock are made from wooden chopsticks.

Movie Time Clock

Time just flies by watching a nice interesting movie, but now, the same movies might help you keep a tab on the time passing by. This innovative and beautiful “Movie Time Clocks” are made from movie reels. These time tellers are just perfect to give new life to your walls. The Movie Time Clocks are handmade clocks created by using a vintage recycled 16-mm film and reels. Each design is inspired by the reel’s color, design, and pattern of holes, making each clock unique and exquisite.

Social Media Clock

Social Media Clock” by Geek Cook is something that anybody would love to have. This web timer has got various social networking sites logos and start ups instead of numbers. You would see the logo of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other such online companies, instead of numbers. Cool right?

The Chaotic Shattered Clock

Wait a minute, your eyesight is perfectly normal, and it is the clock that is playing the tricks. The “Shattered Clock” which has been designed by Igor Barbashin and Daria Volokhova, is an interesting and unique clock, which, people will definitely take a longer look at before turning their heads away. One simple glance is not enough, to make sense out of chaotic such figures. All you have to do is look at the least broken number which will be the hours and minutes are shown by the minutes hand like any other clock. Interesting right?

Apple iBook G4 Clock

Apple notebooks are now seeing a new after-life and are being recycled into wall clocks. It may sound weird to have a wall clock shaped like an Apple notebook, but then again, it looks cool! Made from a recycled iBook G4 case, the “Apple iBook G4 Clock” uses a mouse for a pendulum. If you truly are an Apple fan or just a gadget freak, this clock will sure find a place in your apartment.

Star Trek Wall Clock

If you’re one who’s caught by the Star Trek mania, this timepiece is made for your walls. Spectacular design and an incredible geek touch makes this beautiful chrome sterling and noble “Star Trek Wall Clock” look truly hip and hit. The Star Trek Clock features 12 hand-crafted vintage classic starships to represent the 12 digits of a clock. You may also get it custom designed with more wild Star Trek ideas.

Atmos 556 Clock

Designed by Marc Newson, this “Atmos 556 Clock” is made from clear or blue Baccarat crystal and apart from telling the time, it also displays a current sky map of your area. Almost like some weird kind of Alchemical energy might be the driving force for this particular clock. Surprisingly it works on a completely different phenomenon- Temperature Change! Yes, the sole driving force for this clock is the usual temperature changes throughout the day. Sounds interesting right?

LED Analog Clock

Using LEDs to simulate an analog clock is kind of cool. This clock mimics the hands of a traditional clock using rows upon rows of LEDs that are all wired together. This clever piece of design by Dave combines LED technology with the comfort of a plain old analog style clock.

Math Clock

The “Math Clock” is cool, albeit nerdy way to tell time around your home. Keeping your math skills in check, but more likely than not, most people will just know what number each position is. You will surely like the chalkboard look of this clock which will remind you of being back in school.

The Incomplete Clock

Guaranteed to draw attention to your mantelpiece, the “Unfinished Clock” creates the illusion of an incomplete clock ticking away. However, the hands fully rotate, even though only the top half of the clock is visible. Made from steel with aluminum hands, the Unfinished Clock is different and will surely enhance the décor of your house.

Aspiral Clocks

The “Aspiral Clock” is quite cool and self-spinning timepiece which uses a ball rather than clocks hands to tell the time and which rotates its face with each passing moment, while the ball remains on the spiral ledge to tell the time. You can tell the time at looking at the position of the ball. If it’s at the center point between 2 and 3, for instance, then its 2:30. As soon as the ball reaches the twelfth hour, the ball drops through a hole at the center to resume the same process for the next 12 hours.

Vertical Wall Clock

Designed by Klaus Rosburg this “Vertical Wall Clock” shows the same time which any other normal clock will show, but in more stylish manner. Instead of a round or rectangular clock, this vertical clock might look different and attractive on your wall. The hour numbers are laser-cut into an anodized Aluminum frame floating above the clock fingers with a front made of back painted acrylic. These clocks are hand assembled and comes in different bright colors.

The Progress Bar Clock

The “Progress Bar Clock” will be loved by those who are familiar with the typical program loading bar. The clock will come with 24 reusable tabs that mark alarms throughout the day and can be turned off by simply turning them 90 degrees. It’s a sleek looking clock and can sit on your table or hang on your wall.

Pong Game Clock

Buro Vromkrijger’s “Pong Clock” is quite an interesting concept for a clock. This Pong Clock works like a game that shows two players scoring time. The player on the left hand side scores the hour, whereas the one on the right scores the minutes.

Clock Clock Concept

Who would’ve thought that one could actually build a clock out of…yes, you’ve guessed it – many other smaller clocks? That’s exactly what the “Clock Clock Concept” is – comprising of two dozen individual clocks alongside 48 electronically-controlled analog clock hands that will always rotate to the right position so that you can tell the current time when looking at the big picture. Designed by a Swedish designer, this is only a prototype at this point of time.


QLOCKTWO” is another clock that hates numbers. Instead, it tells time in full sentences such as “quarter to eleven,” “twenty five past twelve,” etc. The clock might give some people a better grasp of what time it is by telling time in full sentences instead of numbers. If you’re one who hates jumping digits on a clock or hates reading the hour and minute hands of a clock, then the QLOCKTWO should be a better choice.

You and Me Wall Clock

The You & Me Wall Clock” is a lover’s time tracker. When that special somebody lives in a different time zone, use this clock to know when he’s asleep and when he will be awake. There is no better way to know the best times to call just to say hi.  When you check the time as the day progresses, you’ll feel closer to that special somebody, even if it’s only in thoughts. It comes with six spare blank hands, so just affix and mark them with names of near and dear ones who are far away geographically.

Simple Icon Clock

It doesn’t get any simpler than this! We are all familiar with the mold of a clock and even without the usual numbers, clock hands and the positioning is all you would need to tell the time. That is basically what the “Simple Icon Clock” is all about. It is made of ABS resin material and surely portrays a minimalistic design which may be a familiar sight on our computers. Simple and elegant, these are the two words that come to mind when we look at these simple icon clock designs.

Classic Kit Cat Clock

You must have seen this clock before, but did you know that it dates all the way back in 1930’s Great Depression when US and other nations were facing economic crisis and unemployment? It was made to offer humor and cheer during a stressful time. Perfect for anyone that loves a retro look, the “Classic Kit Cat Clock” has the familiar swinging tail, rolling eyes, bow tie, and smile.