Relive the Adventure: Video Recording Ski Goggles

Winter is almost here! As we await the snow, it’s time to get all of our skiing equipment ready to prepare for some ski fun. For those of you who have skied before, you’re familiar with the exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping experience … and those of you that haven’t, there’s something quite amazing to look forward to. Ski goggles are a given necessity, but it’s time to pump up the volume and add a little something extra, a way to record your venture into extreme snow sports.

So what’s this cool product? Well, it is a ski goggle that has the ability record video. These video recording goggles have the ability to record curved turns, long jumps, and aerodynamic tucks using a built in video camera. The videos are all recorded in the a high-definition (HD) 720 pixels and can also take photographs at 5 megapixels with a wide 135º field view. Along with the video recording capability there is also sound recording, so you can enjoy the screams and thrills of your first fall or turn amongst the other skiing experiences.

There is a foam guard that protects the microphone, so you can have the clean sound without the disturbance of the strong winds prevailing as you ski your way down the mountain. These goggles looks pretty cool and are compatible with helmets. They also feature a dual pane and have anti-fog and anti-glare 100% UV protected lenses. The video goggles run on rechargeable batteries, which can run for up to two hours on a two hour recharge.

The ski goggles record and save the video/images onto a microSD card (to be purchased separately). You can use the microSD card or the USB cable to upload the files from the goggles to your computer or to view ony our television.

This product is a great investment for avid skiers and newbies alike. It is available for $249.95.

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