The Literati Wireless Reader – iPad, Nook and the Kindle Beware!

Have you ever wanted to own an iPad, Kindle, or the Nook? But you are thin king about getting one still because you don’t want to spend a lot of money (after purchasing the e-readers at their price!) on books and other multimedia?

Well, here is a product that might make you want to purchase this e-reader that is similar to the iPad, Kindle, and the Nook, but has a different twist and feature to it. The product called the Literati Wireless Reader, gives you instant access to millions of book and other multimedia that can be purchased and also some items that are available free of cost from the Kobo bookstore. If one of the books you want is not available for free, you can purchase the e-book to read on your Literati Wireless Reader for a very reasonable price of $9.99, which is much cheaper than the original book, and plus you get to read the book wherever you want, and you can carry around so many books in this reader, rather than carrying around tons of books separately to read.

Every book that you can find in a store is available to be downloaded or purchased on you Literati Wireless Reader, and carrying around this reader will make heads turn around you and make people notice that you have something in your hands that has never been seen by anyone.

The Literati Wireless Reader is small in size, so it extremely portable and looks stylish. Its keypad is similar to the kindle, and you can customize text size and brightness according to your convenience, as you read. The features are similar to the other digital readers, but this Literati Wireless reader is different, unique, and comes for a great price of $159.99icon, which is way more affordable than any of the other digital readers available in the market.

Check out this Literati video for more information:

If you are a person who travels a lot, and likes to read when travelling or just for leisure and prefer reading in your comfort zone on the couch when rolled up into your favorite snuggie, then this Literati Wireless Reader is perfect for you!

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