Suit Up With the Iron Man Tony Stark Mark V Briefcase Replica

Generally, when I hear the word briefcase I immediately think of a number of other choice words like “expensive” and “unnecessary,” but I have to admit there are some exceptions to the rule. One such exception is this Iron Man Tony Stark Mark V Briefcase Replica, which manages to exude awesomeness despite the high price tag.

Prepare yourself for a bit of stickershock in advance for this replica is no joke, coming in at $459.99. That might just be worth it if you’re looking for a sturdy, quality built briefcase that also happens to be limited edition and sports a genuine leather interior. The exterior is made of aluminum and is custom molded laser cut foam on the inside that appropriately reads “STARK.” There’s also a rubber lining seal for your oh-so important documentation. There’s also of course the red automotive paint and two buckles with locks included for your privacy. Although I can’t guarantee this won’t draw attention to you, Iron Man isn’t exactly the most discreet guy in the world, ya know? If you’re low in cash, perhaps you can beg Santa for a big favor this year (if you’ve been good), as the Briefcase won’t be available until December of this year.

If you’re looking for gadgetry that you’ll be able to fit in your new briefcase, I have some suggestions. This Mamemo Portable Electronic Notepad is always fun, or if you want to look like a real professional, you can pick up a portable Business Card Scanner.  Even Iron Man needs to occasionally take down a memo or exchange business card information with his buddy War Machine. Actually he probably has some super cool retina scan gadget or some such nonsense, but we aren’t all self made billionaires. I plan to be, though. Yep, any day now you’ll be reading about my new super awesome battlesuit…ok maybe not.