23 Awesome Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Designs!

Thanksgiving is already here, so it is time to get together with our families, celebrate this festive time and eat a lot of Turkey. For those who are actually vegetarians or have a major sweet tooth, here are 23 amazing Thanksgiving Turkey Cake designs that will sweeten up the holiday season.

All the cake designs seen below are provided with direct links to the artists and creators of these amazing Turkey cakes, and you can also see many more featured at our good friends Rounds.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Gobble, Gobble Gobble!

Turkey Shaped Cakes

The following Thanksgiving Turkey Cakes are beautiful with their colors, detail and sweetness. There are so many to choose from, but it will be difficult to eat much after your huge Thanksgiving meal anyways.

thanksgiving turkey cakes 1

Image: Debbie Does Cakes

thanksgiving turkey cakes 2

Image: The Goddess Melissa

thanksgiving turkey cakes 3

Image: Kyducks

thanksgiving turkey cakes 4

Image: Simmie Cakes

thanksgiving turkey cakes 5

Image: Mbeaty77

thanksgiving turkey cakes 6

Image: Sandra’s Cakes

thanksgiving turkey cakes 7

Image: Jancan 123

thanksgiving turkey cakes 8

Image: I Do Cakes 4 Fun

thanksgiving turkey cakes 9

Image: Yahairam

thanksgiving turkey cakes 10

Image: The Artful Dodger

Turkey Themed Cakes

These special Turkey Cakes may not be completely shaped like an actual Turkey, but they are still just as festive for a warm holiday season.

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 1

Image: Kimmy’s Cakes

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 2

Image: Kempenfelt Cakes

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 3

Image: Cakes by Kelly

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 4

Image: LS Place

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 5

Image: Jing’s Cake Station

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 6

Image: Rebecca P1UON

thanksgiving turkey themed cakes 7

Image: Iced for You

Turkey Cake Design

Here are a few more variations of what individuals present during Thanksgiving as Turkey cakes.

thanksgiving turkey cake design 1

Image: Tiner 77

thanksgiving turkey cake design 2

Image: LEPhillips

thanksgiving turkey cake design 3

Image: Carrie Lu

Mini Turkey Cake Treats

For those that are already aware of the danger of overeating during Thanksgiving, here are some bite size Turkey treats that are bright, colorful and just as appetizing.

thanksgiving turkey cake miniatures 1

Image: Fliepsiebieps1

thanksgiving turkey cake miniatures 2

Image: ABarret

thanksgiving turkey cake miniatures 3

Image: Cake Pop Lady