Counting Ring- The Power of Counting is Now on Your Thumb!

One of the many reasons for mankind’s existence is to enjoy luxuries and things that give us pleasure, so we need to make money, and lots and lots of it.

We often want to make sure that we give people the correct numbers of notes, not one more than we are supposed to, and make sure we receive the right number of notes, not one less than what we are supposed. However, it would be nice to receive more than what we are supposed to.

So, here is a counting ring, a product which will help you count the number of notes you are sending or receiving from someone in a matter of seconds, rather than having to count the whole bundle of currency notes manually.

All you have to do is put the counting ring on your thumb, press the power button on the ring on to start counting. Then you have to use your thumb to flip the currency notes like flipping each page of the bundle/bundle and the LED display on the screen will tell you the number of currency notes/pages you have just counted. Using this counting ring will give you an advantage of making sure that every note/ every page is flipped and counted, as the veins of the ring that you slip onto your thumb have rubber parts that make sure each sheet of the money is flipped by the ring.

Other interesting features of this counting ring include the LED display that display the number of sheets/notes counted, power switch to turn the counting ring on and off, the sheet separating veins with the rubber part that make sure each and every page/note is scanned, a battery slot as the counting ring operates on a battery, and infra-red ray scanning that is on the right side of the counting ring that helps the infrared rays to scan the flipping, recording, and detecting the money.

Have you ever had that moment when you are so into counting the currency notes and someone interrupts you by talking and you lose your concentration and the number you were on, and it frustrates you? So, if you have ever faced this problem when counting currency notes, this is just the kind of product that will help you save time, enable you to talk to another person while counting and multitasking.

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