The Bike Shelf – A Unique Idea

Space management in apartments is always a problem. With youngsters toting their bikes, the question arises as to where to store the bike, especially in small flats and apartment spaces. Wherever they are stashed, be it in the kitchen, the hallway, or just left to lean against a wall, it most often gets in the way. All the antique pieces, trinkets, and books galore, which you have collected over the years to cry out for space.

The innovatively designed Bike shelf offers a happy solution to your apprehensions regarding space management. The Bike shelf is made from solid wood like walnut and ash, and can be suspended by a solid steel square rod mount; and this shelf doubles up to hold both your bike as well as any other nick nacks or trinkets, books, etc.

If it’s just your bike that you need to store, this solid shelf can support it easily. This Bike shelf doubles up to help you utilize the space for books, flowers, bike accessories, and so on. The Bike shelf is designed to fit most bike frames. If not, never fear. They can be custom made to fit any frame. These customized Bike shelves may have an added fee based on the number of changes made on them. Yet, it is a worthwhile investment since it helps you to maximize on storage space.

This elegant walnut wooden bike rack or Bike shelf is made by Knife and Saw, and serves a dual purpose of being both a bike rack and a shelf to store other items. The Bike shelf is exclusively designed by Chris Brigham and is a beautifully crafted solution for storing your bike. It can be crafted in practically any wood of your choice.

The best aspect of the Bike shelf is its ability to free up a lot of floor space. As mentioned earlier, this unique shelf was designed by a one man design team, consisting of just Chris Brigham. This Bike shelf is also available not only in walnut but also in Ash too. It is made to align with sixteen inch spaced studs, but can also be adjusted according to your personal choice.

The solid wood unit on top features a horizontal notch to hang a bicycle from. The Bike shelf is the ultimate in elegant bike management. All bike lovers and parents of teenagers can rest easy, that bikes would no longer hamper living space in apartments and flats.

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