Nintendo Cellphone Console

We all love video games, or at least know one time when we used to love playing them. But since the progress with innovation of technology is happening so fast these days, any idea that one can think of can be implemented upon and the result, a product that becomes very famous for the public. Well, here is a product that is just like that, a Nintendo cellphone, so that you can get access to playing your favorite games on the move and don’t have to depend on wired connection to play the Nintendo games.

Brian Lozada from Colombia shares this product on his blog. This product has some great features and looks just like a gaming console. But the difference is that it is a full video game set, in the size of a gaming console. The product called, the Nintendo phone has a very classy design to it, so that it can be used as a cellphone as well as a video game.


On the right side of the phone, there are two buttons in green and blue colors, respectively those are to be used as gaming keys. On the left side of the phone (when held horizontally) is the keypad to punch in numbers and letters to type. It has an ABC keypad, just like the traditional cellphones, so it won’t take time for one to adjust to using this phone with typing, especially. The best part is that when you want to play a video game on your cellphone, all you have to do is to twist the keypad of the phone and it turns into gaming control keys of the video game, to make your experience of playing your favorite game even better!

You can play all your favorite games on this Nintendo cellphone, just like you would play at home on a Nintendo connected to the television. This is also a great investment to surprise your children, and show them how much you love them, and also makes for a great gift to friends who appreciate and love playing video games.

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