Toy Guardian Monster Makes Your Kids Responsible

You walk into a child’s room and the floor is strewn with toys. At one time the child is playing with all the toys and the very next minute not one toy is needed, but the toys remain where they are. No matter how much the child is told to put away all toys in the toy box, the appeals go unheard.  Ultimately some grown up has to do the job. The scene might change with the coming of the Toy Guardian.

The Toy Guardian is a monster that takes care of all the toys. Sounds quite weird for a monster to take care of toys but that’s the way it is. In fact this is no ordinary monster. Designer Tzung-Yu Lu has designed a fun way for children to learn to put away their toys. Shaped like a monster this toy box encourages a child to place his/her toys in the belly of the monster. All that the child has to do is open the mouth of the monster and feed him the toys. One by one the monster gobbles up all the toys. Thankfully it does not digest the toys but gives it back to the child whenever needed. The back opens up wide enough to extract the desired object.

The Toy Guardian design of Tzung-Yu Lu is the 2010 IDEA Design Winner. Made especially for children, the product is completely safe. The teeth of the monster are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate, popularly known as EVA, which is a very soft material. This makes it equally suitable for toddlers. A lot of thought has gone into the designing of this wonder product. It not only serves as a toy storage area but also doubles up as a riding toy for every kid, thanks to the wheels at the base. The back of the monster houses a handle which has an adjustable length. If a child is too small to get a monster ride on himself/herself a grown up can help the child.

Now the kid can have all toys within reach. Comfortably seated on the monster’s back the child can carry his/her toys along. Toys will always be within reach but at the same time very neatly tucked into the belly of the monster. No kid needs to now go running around hunting for toys and at the same time the mother is going to be proud to see the child becoming a responsible person.

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Via: Yanko Design