HONDA Forklift Delivery Vehicle

Like I always say, technology should never be restricted to just luxury. We see numerous car concepts and bike concepts which are merely based on the ‘luxurious’ factor and probably that is one major reason why they never get produced.

We already have the most luxurious cars around and I guess to update them is just an additional expense. What we are showing you today is basically a concept that was not designed for luxury but was designed for better functionality and comfort. Let me break the ice – we are today talking about the Honda Forklift Delivery vehicle which was designed 2 years back as a part of the transport design subject at Monash University by Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan.

Just a quick glimpse at the car will make you realize that this is something we want today. It looks really chic but that is not the actual thing for which it caught our eyes. Take a look at it and ask yourself what it looks like. I am sure your first thought would be that it is a weird looking sports car!

But, it is not. It is basically a forklift concept. The idea behind it was to create something that occupies less space yet looks good and trendy. In fact, that is the only reason why this vehicle concept is special. It is not just another version of a huge forklift vehicle.

I am sure anyone who will drive this vehicle won’t feel inferior when a Lamborghini will pass by him. In fact, I think the Lamborghini person would feel inferior because this thing looks ultimately sporty and at the same time unique.

The main purpose of a forklift is still there in this concept. Like I said, it is not just an all show, no go car. It was designed to be able to pick up goods, travel with them and drop them off wherever required.

The good part is that the driver won’t need to get off the vehicle in order to pick up or drop stuff. He will be sitting in their like a king on his throne! The vehicle is capable of driving in one direction and forklifting in the other direction.

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