Flying Fish RC Mini Helicopter – A More Stable and Smooth Flier

With a unique and pretty hi-tech design, the Flying Fish Remote Control Mini Helicopter has been able to draw attention towards it.

Flying Fish RC Mini Helicopter

The first and foremost attractive thing about this helicopter is that it can be conducted through a remote control. Then certain other qualities like high tri-band infrared control, transmitter, headlights, and Li-poly battery integrated in the toy helicopter makes it more than ordinary and a perfect example of a RC toy helicopter. The easy to afford price, just $50 for two has made it good to go for to be given away as a gift!

On the very outset, the very miniature design and perfect control through remote control makes the Flying Fish RC Mini Helicopter different from hundreds of other remote control helicopters that are found in the market. The wide tri band infrared control capacity of the helicopter leads it to respond faster and accurately on the commands of a remote control. One can even fly and control the toy helicopter up to a height of 50 feet for keeping it out of the reach of any other toy helicopter enemy or naughty hands.

However, not to forget, this is the most stable toy helicopter of its kind on lift off and its capacity to stay stable in a position even while being in the air makes it look just like a real helicopter. The credit for which directly goes to the dual rotor system that has been specially designed for the toy helicopter. These dual rotor blades, apart from making the helicopter stay stable on air, makes it a good lifter as well. While you command it to take off, the RC helicopter shows a very smooth lift from its base.

Flying the Flying Fish RC Mini Helicopter will be more fun and longer lasting experience if the remote control goes to the right hands and hence, this toy helicopter is being recommended for kids above age 8 years. A dimension of 4X3X2 inches and a weight of just 0.2 Lbs make it a handy thing for any kid which can be carried away and played without asking for anybody’s help. If bought single, the Flying Fish RC Mini Helicopter will cost $29.99icon and hence, buying two of it together just for $50 is not an  offer to miss.

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