Tardis Tea Infuser – This one is Super-Cool!

This is what I call pure artwork! Beautiful and truly a great piece made from scratch. It is totally made of tiny brass and sterling silver. This is an English Police Box Tardis tea infuser which looks beautiful enough to keep in your kitchen, or simply on your table.dr who tardis tea infuser design

Wouldn’t you want to brew the tea leaves in it the next time you have guests in your house? I would at least. It would make me proud of having such a lovely and artistic piece in my house.

If you are not really a lover of tea infusers, still you have to appreciate this piece of art. There can be nothing more beautiful than having things that you use daily transformed into something like this. It’s a blend of art and usability which I completely adore. I have always been a fan of such things that allow you to add grace and fun to your lifestyle.

dr who tardis tea infuser

Coming back to the tea infuser, this one, as said already, is made completely of tiny brass and sterling silver. The lid is tension-filled and the whole unit is attached with minute hidden rivets and is hand-patinated. The total height of the piece is around 2.5 inches with a width of 1.8 inches. So it isn’t really a big one to keep in the house. A small, beautiful, and artistic tea infuser it is – which everyone would definitely love to have.

The only thing about this tea infuser that has amused me actually is its design and the way it was built. No doubt, the designer has put in her utmost efforts and dedications which are quite obvious from the product. Every detail has been carefully worked on to produce this masterpiece. Even if you don’t like antique-looking stuff, you will have to appreciate the artist’s craft. Building something from scratch and turning into something like this isn’t really easy, is it? Anyone who has had firsthand experience with building such stuff would know how difficult it really is. Good job Heather!

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