Velocity Mobile Concept by David Turpin

Talk about stylish mobiles and of course the iPhone pops up into our minds. But, tell me, is iPhone the end of the world? Don’t you think the iPhone has gone a bit too old and we need another dashing mobile design that can add a fashion statement to our lives? If you think yes then these mobile designs are what you should check out.

David Turpin is a self taught French design who is currently living in the UK. After he completed his art school he worked in Paris and then went to Hong Kong.

So goes the story of David and he personally believes that his work is still evolving and he can do much better in the future. But, I personally thinking that these mobile concepts are perfect and I really like the fact that David Turpin is so humble. As they say, the day you stop learning and think you know everything is the day when you grow old.

Okay so basically this project is in collaboration with the ICD for velocityMobile which is a mobile and consumer electronics design company based in Seattle. The project here was to design concepts of mobile phones and UMPC devices. David did the project and he has shared with us some of the samples.

So, this is not just about one mobile concept but here as you can see in the pictures are different mobile sets of different types. Some of them have QWERTY keyboards, some of them are completely touchscreen phones and some of them are the basic phones.

I actually like the one with a slide-in QWERTY keyboard. It is really a cool design and it’s neat as well. I don’t personally like the one with those orange cuts but overall I think all the designs are neat, chic and extremely user friendly (at least they look that way). I am in love with David’s work and I am hoping that we get to see these mobiles soon in the future. Good work David! Love it!

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