Extravagantly Stylish and Longest Cellphone Design

These days technology is reaching its peak, where every new gadget is made as a multi-purpose product leaving you spellbound, especially cell phone industries. But if you like to opt for a simple cell phone model that might have minimal features yet has an amazing performance, and provides the main purpose of communication along with a fashionable statement, then Tamer Koseli has a wonderful concept in mind to suit you.

Unlike other multimedia gadgets that go beyond providing just the basic purposes, this cell phone designed by Tamer Koseli mainly flaunts just communication services without mp3, video or camera, etc, at the same time giving you a sleek and trendy look.

This ultra-sleek phone stands 2cm x 0.5 cm x 14cm. Well, it’s long enough for this model to not fit into your pockets, but will definitely catch all the eyeballs around you when you remove it from your bag with its crazy design. That’s not it, this phone consists of 2 screens, one of them being a touch screen and the other is OLED. The latter screen is customizable. Well I guess this futuristic mobile phone is going to be a guaranteed success.

Your battery and service information can be seen as you slide the lock down on the screen, and while you further scroll along this screen, you can reach the menu phonebook or calls.

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