19 of the Weirdest Toothpick Holders

Not many of us use a toothpick every time; however, when the need arise we know the importance of that tiny pointed stick. These toothpick holders are funny, creative, and extremely handy. Make sure you use one for your home.

Moreover, although most of us have a bunch of toothpicks at home, it becomes very difficult to find the stack when we need it the most. And for the same reason, we have brought to you some of the best tooth pick holders available in the town. Now you can keep your toothpick in a way that will not only make them handy, but also attractive.

Dandypick Toothpick Holder

“Dandypick Toothpick Holder” form is inspired by the Dandelion. This tree shaped toothpick holder is made from mahogany wood finish and has proper gap between toothpick rows to allow easy access for your fingers while taking the toothpick. Design by Amandeep Singh.

Mohawk Toothpick Holder

Another odd looking Toothpick Holder is this “Mohawk Toothpick Holder,” which is shaped like a man’s head and toothpick are poked in his scalp. Design by Pankaj Upadhyay.

Tooth Toothpick Holder

The oversized tooth is a great gift and a fun and useful item to have around the house. This oversized tooth should be rooted to the dining table to keep your toothpicks in one place, while reminding diners to take a moment and take care of their appearance. It also gently reminds you of your dental chores. This “Tooth Toothpick Holder” is made from translucent silicon rubber and holds up to 40 toothpicks at once. But more important, it just makes you smile doesn’t it?

Caatinga toothpick Holder

Designed by Naissa from Brazil this “Caatinga Toothpick Holder” is shaped in the form of a cactus. This has been named after the eco-region Caatinga in Brazil. This funky toothpick holder is made from waste pine wood from furniture factories and is finished with water based paints and varnishes. It’s the perfect spiky addition to your dinner table. Design by Naissa Zeh Frossard de Assis.

Fred Toothpick Holder

Make your next party painfully amusing by inviting “Fred Toothpick Holder, Ouch”. This voodoo toothpick holder is perfect for finger food, emergency hexes, and jump-starting the good times. With Ouch, olives will never be boring again. As seen at Things with Feathers.

Spino Toothpick Holder

“Spino” toothpick Holder and napkin holder takes its shape from the porcupine. This unique toothpick holder as well as napkin holder was designed taking not only the physical aspects, but also the substance, the essence and the sympathy from these animals. This holder is quite stylish and will enhance the show of you table. Design by Nicolás Garrappa.

Alessi Toothpick Holder

Never search for a toothpick again, just put this gorgeous holder on your counter and make them readily available for you. This fabulous toothpick holder features a stainless steel little man that perfectly holds one toothpick to let everyone know what the box contains. A light push to this little man and it will sends him forward to grasp a toothpick, keeping your toothpicks hygienically untouched by human hands. Design by Alessi Design.

Fishbone Toothpick Holder

Cheese cubes, fruit chunks and meatballs beware! These toothpicks are coming to get you. Shaped like a “Fishbone”, this white fish sculpture is made of resin and holds a rainbow of reusable corn toothpicks that can be used to add a little life to party after party. Available at Uncommon Goods for $20.

Shark Tooth Toothpick Holder

This shark won’t bite you; it is just holding your toothpicks for you in his big mouth. That’s right; you can keep your toothpicks in this shark’s mouth. This holder has got two parts top and base – when you want to hide the toothpicks just flip the top so that no one can make out that this is a toothpick holder. Cool right? Design by Epicenter Design.

Menu Man Toothpick Holder

This ‘little weight lifter’ inside of menu’s toothpick dispenser holds up a clean toothpick in his outstretched arms every time you lift and drop the black cover. ‘Toothpick man’ is heavy enough that it will not fall over, or lift off the table. Designed by Torben Rasmussen, the “Menu Man Toothpick Holder” is a fun and hygienic way to keep toothpicks. Design by Torben Rasmussen; available at Unica Home for $56.

Salt, Pepper and Toothpick Holder

This is the most classic and stylish collection of Salt, Pepper and Toothpick Holder by Matteo Thun. This set is made of ceramic and comes in white color. This set is very fragile and its classic design will go with any kind of interiors. Designed by Matteo Thun; available at Nova68 for $95.

Toothpick Box

This Toothpick Box is one of the weirdest toothpick holders you must have come across. It comes in different colors, so that you can choose your favorite color toothpick holder or box. Design by Martin Mao.

Pick Pocket Toothpick Holder

Pick pocket is a toothpick holder which makes stealing so much fun, I mean talking or you can say stealing toothpicks out of it. This unique toothpick holder is in the shape of a pocket which makes it stand out in the crowd. “Pick Pocket Toothpick Holder” comes in bright colors to make those dinner parties even more exciting. Design by Epicenter Design.

Funny Toothpick Set

These little “Funny Animal Toothpick Holders” will add an unusual feature to any table, but is especially useful at parties; this is because an item like this can really act as an ice breaker when the conversation goes a bit downhill. These animals have a series of holes across their mouths this is where the tooth picks are placed, and when they are in place the arrangement resembles a weird smile. Available at What on Earth for $3.98 each.

Porcupine Toothpick Holder

Don’t worry! This porcupine won’t hurt you. It’s actually here to lend you a hand. You can use it at dinner parties, at family meal times and even at informal get-togethers. You can use the toothpicks in the holder when you serve an appetizer such as olives or cheese, or use the holder to hold used toothpicks, that way the ashtrays won’t end up all cluttered. Plus, the “Porcupine Toothpick Holder” adds a fun and decorative touch to your table setting. Design by Rafael Morgan.

Forest Gump Salt, Pepper and Toothpick Holder Set

Designer Stephano Giovannoni’s playful approach to design continues with his newest condiment set for Alessi, “Forest Gump” which includes salt and pepper shaker and toothpick holder. This set is made from hand-decorated thermoplastic resin. This is part of the “Orientales” collection, created in collaboration with the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. Design by Josh Spear.

Koziol Pic Nix Toothpick Holder

Bring splashes of color in your kitchen with these “Koziol Pic Nix Toothpick Holder”. Koziol brings design in the home in a fun and unusual way. Finger food now has a friend; this friendly character is formed from 100% recyclable material and will be right at home on a dining room or picnic table filled with funky tableware.

Magic Bunny Toothpick Holder

The toothpick is an essential accessory, but using it can be a bit embarrassing sometime. Stefano Giovannoni has defused all embarrassment with this ‘Magic Bunny Toothpick Holder by Alessi”, making it a fun and entertaining way to uncover the toothpicks hidden inside along with the bunny in the magician’s hat by pulling its ear. Design by Alessi; available at Lumens for $30.

Magic Mushroom Toothpick Holder

The “Magic Mushroom Toothpick Holder” by Rakuten, Japan, is a modern household accessory that magically reveals toothpicks when you push the button on the top of mushroom. It’s the cutest toothpick holder to have on your dining table. Available at Ratuken for ¥680 (~$8).

Fill your choice of toothpick holders with some delicious bacon flavored toothpicks or pair them with some unique salt & pepper holders and geeky drink coasters.