World of Warcraft Tankard O’ Terror Stein

Collecting accessories related to games has always been an enjoyable activity for gamers. we have come a long way from Pac-Man. The modern games are much more exciting and much versatile which of course has an effect on the different collectibles they give rise to.

Whether it is War of God or World of Warcraft, we have seen numerous accessories coming to life which were once a part of the visual world. Even today, we are introducing to you an accessory which we never thought can actually become a part of our normal lives. Yup, the World of Warcraft Tankard O’ Terror Stein is that accessory!

Now, you won’t exactly know what this stein is all about if you haven’t played the game. Those who have know the worth of it. Basically, this stein is a featured item which is available during the Brewfest event in the game (in case you don’t know or you don’t remember). This World of Warcraft Tankard O’ Terror Stein is the exact replica version of that stein. Surprised? You shouldn’t be because this is real. You can buy it for $39.99 and enjoy the next Brewfest in your town in the World of Warcraft way!

This World of Warcraft Tankard O’ Terror Stein weighs around 4 pounds and can be filled up with approximately 2 liters of beer. It is 9 ¾ inches tall and is hand-crafted. It is crafted from high quality fine grain stoneware and gives you the exact stone-age you are looking for (that is only if you are a fan of such collectible items).

I am personally all delighted right now because I have always loved such ancient looking collectibles whether they are from God of War or from World of Warcraft. With the said, I strongly recommend buying this piece only if you are an adult. We don’t want your mama blaming us for suggesting you to buy a beer mug!

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