Rockmelt Browser Unites Social Networking and Search

Rockmelt is a brand-new web browser that functions as a social networking desktop client–meaning it brings the features of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr all into one place. Rockmelt takes advantage of the fact that social networking and computer applications are rapidly changing the way people use the Internet.

On the browser, one can access Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking accounts. It also integrates the search power of Google and lets users search for almost anything without using the search engines (similar to the ‘universal search’ feature on iOS and BlackBerry 6).

Rockmelt is a pseudo-social networking forum. It gives you greater power to add friends to your Facebook account and chat with those online through convenient controls on the left side of the browser. For example, a friend can drop you a line and one can reply via a wall post on Facebook. One can also easily tell if someone is online and chat with them.

This browser takes the shine away from your usual messenger. You can also share stories you discover online, instantly, using the Rockmelt interface. While Rockmelt can be described as a desktop client for Facebook, its threat to Google and Yahoo is worth much more than that.

Several prominent names have been tied to the project. Among them is the co-founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen. Although no signs of a clear involvement of Marc Andreeseen in the Rockmelt project, software engineers from the company he sold to HP, Opsware, are said to be behind the “engineering”.

Currently, Rockmelt is only available for a test drive. To participate, one must connect via Facebook from the homepage and then wait for an invitation.

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