The Anti Sleep Pilot: Stay Awake and Alert at the Wheel

Maybe you’re travelling across the country and you’ve been in the car for way too long or you’ve been awake for the past few nights finishing an important assignment. Whatever your reason is, it still doesn’t justify you falling asleep at the steering wheel. So to assist you keeping yourself awake until you reach your destination safely, here’s the Anti Sleep Pilot.

Anti Sleep Pilot 1

The Anti Sleep Pilot doesn’t function like most other devices available in the market designed to keep yourself awake while driving, which primarily track your head movements and eyes but expertly monitors your fatigue levels.

The Anti Sleep Pilot when attached to the dashboard of your car constantly records its motion, looking for any irregular movements that may indicate you’re much more tired than you actually think you are. It also performs a series of random tests which require you to touch the device and based on how long you take to conform it determines your alertness.

Anti Sleep Pilot 2

Then based on all the data it has collected the Anti Sleep Pilot lets the driver know his alertness via a series of colored lights. While the green light signifies a thumbs up to the driver to continue driving, the red suggests that the driver should pull over and take a break before he falls asleep at the wheel and God forbid meets with an accident.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets