This Winter Protect Yourself with the Sub-Zero Warm Breath Mask

Winter winds can get biting cold and harsh at its peak. Breathing in air of such freezing temperatures could leave a burning sensation in your respiratory tract. Besides, they can cause a lingering pain in your lungs that is not just uncomfortable but very unhealthy. If you are a runner or an athlete of any kind, then the winter winds most probably hamper your practice sessions. Many a time this can result in a variety of illnesses- ranging from the common cold to fatal pneumonia! Scarves and turtlenecks are flimsy protection when you continue to inhale and brave sub-zero, dry breeze that could exacerbate conditions of asthma.

But this winter, you can protect yourself entirely by keeping warm and comfortable. The Sub-zero Warm Breath Mask is a fleece front that shields your mouth and nose from the cold blast. The mask is non-woven and has no seams making it all the more snug and convenient. It constructs a mini-atmosphere within itself so that the wearer gets tepid, homey air to breathe. This micro-climate is optimally oxygenated and allows the user to breathe without a hindrance. The humidity levels within the mask are maintained at around 80 per cent and the temperature is at least 40 degree to 60 degree Fahrenheit warmer than the outside atmosphere.

In fact the device is so effective that it is suitable even for high-altitude mountaineers and Atlantic scientists. Recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine, the veneer’s air chamber is made of polyurethane that is microbe-resistant that are of high medical grade. This mixes with the dampness in the air and obstructs the face from getting wet with the moisture from the user’s breath and in the process, keeps goggles or glasses from getting fogged up. The Polartec fleece is windproof but porous enough to allow airstream to reach your nose comfortably. It also allows you to fit your helmet or goggles to be worn easily over it.

The material that makes up the mask is stretchable but does not fit the user too tightly. Also it regulates and cleanses the air condition such that your lungs are kept healthy. Apart from keeping the cold, dry winter air away from pelting the face, it is also a good way to avoid the poisonous fumes of pollution during traffic jams and the city in general. Priced at about $59.95, it is a worthy deal that could keep you healthy for many winters to come.

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