The Future of Modern Warfare is here

Armored and weaponized robots are the future of military and urban warfare. The biggest advantage of having soldier bots in the line of fire is the reduction in the number of human casualties. Future wars may be fought by using remote controlled robots that carry out the instructions of the ‘human’ generals.

The Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot is a prototype, designed by Chris Rogers, that has been developed for combat mission on the streets, in the jungle, and just about anywhere. The prototype certainly looks like a combat machine with a military-grey body, an elongated front nose portion, a tapering rear portion, and four rugged wheels attached to the sides of the prototype. The arsenal of the machine is fixed on the roof.

Beneath the military styled body of the Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot lies a solid and all-weather body chassis crafted from hardened steel. The chassis is welded, rather than assembled with nuts and bolts, to add durability and endurance. An impressive feature of the steel chassis body is the strength it displays. The combat prototype could run through brick and concrete walls as if they never existed.

A combat prototype should have the ability to maneuver tight corners and get out of sticky situations. The Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot has a four-wheel drive system that allows users to navigate the prototype through twists and turns. Stealth electric motors fitted beneath the chassis provides a high torque boost to the robot prototype.

In combat conditions, there is a possibility that a four-wheeled could turn over and land on its back. With the innovative Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot, such a scenario would not present a problem. The prototype’s rugged robotic platform enables the four-wheeled device to flip over instantly if the device were to land on its back.

For a modern combat prototype, the weapons it carries can mean the crucial difference between success and defeat. The Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot has an effective (currently non-lethal) set of weapons that could pulverize the enemy. Mounted on the roof of the prototype is attached a machine gun/assault rifle that could multiple rounds of ammunition per second. The arsenal is ably aided by a night vision barrel-mounted camera that would allow users to target the opposition in pitch-dark conditions as well.

With the Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot, the future of modern warfare has truly arrived. Do not be surprised if you see one of these robots in a combat situation anytime soon.

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