Now Robots Can Even Crawl Walls!

Robots are everywhere seriously. Last time we spoke about training robots folding socks, and now we see this. These robots can actually crawl up walls. Well, that is a bit creepy I know but come to think of it, how convenient it would be if robots start performing such tasks.

Honestly, on one side it is always fascinating to see such technological stuff but on the other hand, it freaks you out as well. Remember the iRobot movie? They showed a world where robots can mess up the system in no time. Oh, and who can forget Terminator Salvation… it’s scary to even think of it. But, some folks still are into giving robots the power to do what humans can do.

These robots were showcased by Japan at the Shanghai Expo and they proved that the country is the most dominant one in robotics. Okay, we got it, you guys are great and now can we stop with that robotics (giving robots the power) thingy? What do you guys want? You want them to take over our world and make us slaves? I don’t want that and nobody else as well!

Anyways, these robots can climb up 15 meter wall in 20 minutes. Actually they have been doing that for the last 184 days… going up and down. I guess that’s again meant to show the Japanese power in robotics right?

This is a three robot team that you are seeing in the picture. It was created by a group of engineers at 15 midsize and small companies in Osaka. All of the engineers returned home last week eventually. All of these robots are dressed in silver clothes and each of them stands 140 cm tall. Also, each robot weighs 30 kg.

The picture here shows these robots climbing the walls. The worst part is that they do that exactly the way humans do. Their movements are quite identical to humans so if a robot is climbing your wall, you won’t be able to recognize if it’s a robot or a human. So, I guess we need to install detectors as well that can tell us whether it’s a robot or a human climbing our walls!

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Via: Crunchgear