Rubik Infused in iPhone 4 Quartet Case is Sexy and Geeky

When you got an iPhone, you must have definitely enjoyed the extra attention and more frequent glances, after all, it’s the “Phone of the year”. But well, how about standing out amongst all iPhone users too? iPhone 4 Quartet Case, the funkiest and Rubik-themed cover is all that the latest trends demand.

Well, when I say Rubik, it means that this case showcases all the flashy colors you would find in the cube, going totally away from all the conventional cases you get any where in the world, for this ones bright colors actually creates a style statement and enriches the class of our beloved iPhone.

Creation of Case-Mate, the iPhone 4 Quartet Case lets you arrange the colors to suit your mood, and well, you also have the options in choosing the colors you want, with glossy surface. These cases offer various colors sets like Sensuous Silk, Rustic Tweed and Vintage Flannel. Thus, these cases have 6 modular pieces, from which you’ve to select 4 for your phone, designed by artist Erik Arlen. Of course, one of them has a camera cut and one with the volume cutout, which fits into the top-half and bottom-half respectively, holding the other two colors of your choice.

The case is totally impact resistant and consists of flexible shell, and definitely protects i-Phone 4 to a great extent, at a price of $34.99. While you’d have to wait a little to enjoy the thrill, till then you could also check out the iPhone gloves, shark iPhone case, or cassette tape iPhone case.

Via: ChipChick