Plug Into The Christmas Spirit: SantaBot 2GB Flash Drive

A cool 2GB flash drive that’s a cross between Santa Claus and a robot. The SantaBot USB thumb drive gadget makes a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer.
SantaBot1But seriously, it doesn’t matter if its a SantaBot or an ElveBot, the one thing that really matters the most is the fact that the festive season is just around the corner and everyone is busy with their preparations for the same, there will be long shopping lists, a ‘to do list’ and lots of other stuff that you’ll be needing to keep a tab on; here’s where the SantaBot steps into action, he’ll store all your important data and let you keep tabs on everything that’s going around!SantaBot2

The fun thing about this cool, new & ‘Christmas-season-special’ flash drive is the fact that its chest lights up during data transfer and its head and arms move in a jolly kinda manner which is a real fun to watch, too bad it doesn’t play any Christmas carols at the same time.

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