The Portable USB Power Supply: Goodbye “Battery Low!”

When your cell phone or mp3 player suddenly runs out of battery even the brightest of days suddenly transform into dull and gloomy ones, especially for geeks like us who  spend an awful lot of time on our cell phones. What else is supposed to happen then, when they fail on us right in the middle of the day? “Nothing!” That’s right it will have no effect on you as long as you have this amazing Portable USB Power Supply.

USB Power Supply 1

This tiny white power pack, smaller in size than the palm of your hand, has enough power to charge your cell phones, mp3 players, PDAs, handheld gaming devices and other Bluetooth devices in emergency conditions. What’s makes it even cooler is the fact that this Portable power pack can hold a charge for up to 3 months when kept in standby mode.

USB Power Supply 2

This USB Power Supply can be charged with the charger provided and tossed into your bag or purse for unlimited battery life and when that dreaded ‘battery low’ message pops up on your cell phone when you’re out, your heart won’t sink ever again for all you will need to do is plug your gadget into the appropriate tip provided on this sleek white square and watch the magic happen!

This USB Power Supply is available for $19.99 and will save you from those boring days when your cell phone or mp3 player ran out of charge.

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