TRON Sam Flynn Light Cycle USB Drives Are Speedy and Fun

I’ll be be the first to admit that I simply don’t go out to the movies very often, but there a number of upcoming releases that I’m looking forward to so much that I’ll gladly
fork over the ridiculous ticket fees.

One of those movies is the latest reboot of TRON, and with a high-budget remake comes merchandise. You know the kind: Sub-par video games, gamepads, and so on. These Light Cycle USB drives, though, look a whole lot like the real thing with some genuine functionality to boot. Sign me up.

Now, you do have some options here. The USB drives come in two separate  models along with different storage capacities as well. The Sam Flynn Light Cycle USB drive comes in 4GB and 8GB, and the wheel base will flash just like it does in the movie when you plug it in. There’s also the Kevin Flynn light cycle to go along with that as well with the same storage options. They retail for $24.99 if you’re feeling up for a  4GB or you can kick it up a notch (BAM) for $34.99. I think I’d waste way too much time playing with these things to keep them on my desk.

Of course there’s no reason to limit yourself to one simple USB drive if you’re that much of a TRON fan. We have featured  plenty of other TRON items here on Walyou, such as this authentic looking TRON Motorcycle suit if you happen to be the biker type. Alternatively, there’s also this Medicom TRON bearbrick if you’re in the mood for something just a little smaller and cuter than the motorcycle getup. Make no mistake there will be plenty of other TRON schwag produced in the near future as well (especially if the movie does as well as Disney hopes it will given the marketing money they’re pouring into it) so be sure to keep an eye out!

Via: HardswareSphere