The Ultimate Lego Lantern

We all are familiar with lanterns, one of the most useful creations and one that sheds and spreads light all around in a 360 degree direction.

In the early times, lanterns were strictly meant for utility purposes and hence were manufactured in shapes of squares and designed in quite a plain manner. Materials like a sheet of iron or tinplate were used to make them. The main purpose behind their creation was to protect the flame from getting extinguished due to the breeze or the wind.

In the past, when the sun went down at dusk, settlers either went to bed or just lighted fire to eliminate darkness and to allow vision to the eyes and also to keep oneself warm. This was when lantern was invented and was called as a lanthorne. Couple of centuries earlier, lanterns that were hung on the doorways, was the only source of lighting on the United States’ streets. The lanterns were lit with the help of oil and fuel but shortly came the existence of gas lanterns. Moreover, today, the battery has been incorporated into the lantern too. But antique lanterns are a treasure for the antique collectors. Also, unlike how the lanterns were utilitarian then, they have become a piece of décor these days.

An equally famous invention like the lanterns, are the LEGO toys, though they do not possess a slightest connection to lanterns. The Lego group came into existence at a carpenter’s workshop, the carpenter, who began with making wooden toys. Slowly the group moved on to producing plastic toys and thus were invented the first Lego interlocking bricks. The Lego bricks were quite popular after which followed the Lego mini figures. These so called mini figures were launched as minifigs with arms and legs that were movable. The first produced was that of a police man in different variations and shortly the minifigs followed in a lot other roles like Lego ghosts, Lego film characters, Lego women etc.

Now fancy having a Lego minifig that lights up as a lantern? How cool is that!

Quite cute at the same time geeky, the Lego Lantern makes available light wherever necessary. Being a lantern, it obviously illuminates at an angle of 360 degree, in short, all around. Therefore, if anywhere a little extra light is required, the Lego Lantern is the best and nothing beats it. The minifig represented in this Lego lantern is the iconic LEGO man holding onto a blue bar that makes it easier for you to hang him on a nail or to carry him around while walking in the dark. Four LED lights emit brightness from his chest when switched on. He is great help when kids want to read from under the blanket. At a price of $23.99, the LEGO Lantern that stands at a height of almost 9” works on four AA batteries that are included in the package.

Meant for children of ages 5 and up, the LEGO Lantern is all fun merged with reminiscence.

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