The Kisai Joypad

The number of hours, minutes and seconds on a given day remain the same but the ways of telling the time have undergone a world of change. One very recent entry in this field is the Kisai Joypad from Tokyoflash, Japan.

With the Kisai on your wrist you would need to brush up your calculations skills a bit. Take a look at its design and you would know why. The entire Joypad is made up of numerous small buttons which run along the pad in a three-ringed format. The outer ring will tell the hour and the middle one tells the five minute groups. The inner layer that runs from top to bottom has four buttons in all and shows the single minutes.

On the right side of the pad you can notice two buttons jutting out. The top button helps you tell the time on your watch. When you press it all the LEDs on the Joypad light up with a couple of them blinking. These blinking lights are the ones that show the current time. If you have been following recent watch designs you would have guessed by now how to read the time. Even if you are not familiar with this format you need not fret. All numbers are placed in positions exactly as in a normal watch which makes it easy to use. Once you get the hang of it telling the time would be a breeze.

Setting the time is also a very easy job. All you need to do is press the lower button on the side and hold for three seconds which enables the time setting mode of the watch. Use the upper button to change the hours and press the lower button to save the change. Similarly move on to the minute’s section.

Besides the two functions of telling the time and setting it, the buttons on the right have other uses as well. The Kisai Joypad has an animation feature that is turned on by the top button. The lower button helps turn it off. It should, however, be noted here that the animation feature is a little too heavy on the battery life.

The watch comes with a rechargeable battery and a connection cable that aids in the charging function. The USB port can be plugged into any USB charging jack for recharging purpose. Once charged for a full 3.5 hour the watch will function nonstop for a full 30 day period.

You can choose from two basic skins of black and white which clasp your wrist using a stainless steel belt and comes with a year’s warranty from the manufacturers. Watches do make a style statement and this one is sure to make you stand apart from the crowd. The Kisai Joypad runs for $94.

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