Grifiti’s Graffiti Mousepad Puts You in the Mood

Does anyone remember those psychedelic mood rings that would react to your body temperature in order to show the kind of mood you were in? The folks over at Grifiti took that ‘technology’ and applied it to a mousepad.

Now you can just touch your mood pad surface in order to see how you’re feeling. Just in case you didn’t already know.

The mood pad is constructed as a super thin mouse pad with a textured hard surface so that your mouse can track with precision (It is PVC tracking surface to be more precise). It also features a non-skid non marking PVC film for backing. The surface has a heat activation layer with embedded thermal activated liquid crystals. That’s fancy talk for “Changes color when you put your hands on it!” At a price of $15.00, I’d imagine it is just novel enough to bring in some buyers. Who wouldn’t love a colorful mood recognizing mousepad? And it’ll glow blood red when you’re getting stomped in a game of Dawn of War 2 and the rage is running high. Not that it’s ever happened to me, mind you …

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