A ‘Nasty’ Xbox 360 Slim Mod

Custom-made modified gaming consoles (known as custom mods) are slowly becoming the in thing to have for the gaming community. A modified console box allows a gamer to add a distinct individual stamp on their consoles. There are design studios who exclusively build modified consoles for their gaming customers. Memods is one such design studio.

Memods is a console modification studio and is made up of passionate gamers who have relevant expertise in Graphic Design, Electronics, and Computer Science.  The creative team at Memods use the latest art design tools and manufacturing processes to modify consoles for major gaming corporations. The design studio has had a special focus on modifying consoles for Xbox 360 users.

The latest custom mod offering from Memods is a gorgeous, gold colored Xbox 360 Slim console titled ‘Nasty’. With a sleek metallic finish, the gold colored custom mode looks like one in a million. There is a reason why the custom mod is called Nasty.

An Xbox Live gamer who goes by the id ‘zSiiKNaasTy’ approached Memeods to modify his Xbox Slim console. The brief given to the Memods design team was to include the “Nasty” from his gamer tag and imprint it on the side of the Slim console box. The gamer also wanted a special color tone that would highlight the title and give it a touch of cool. To fulfil this particular request the creative team came up with an eye catching metallic gold color tone that gives the custom mod a definitive look.

To bring alive the dream of their customer, Memods came up with a custom font for the title. After the font was decided, the designers proceeded to hand cut the title along the central angle of the console, just above the fan. Nasty appears in a cool looking, custom made font type and is placed at an incline.

To add to the visual delight of the gold colored Slim console, the design team installed super bright SMD LEDs inside the console to throw the spotlight on the name tag and the grilled fan area. The SMD LEDs have a cool blue color tone and provide an aesthetic contrast to the gold shade of the console.

The Nasty custom mod from Memods reflects delicate artisanship and an imaginative execution. The gamer who requested the mod is sure to be one satisfied customer.

Memods has an impressive portfolio of Xbox custom mods. If you wish to modify your gaming console, you can check out Memods.com.

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Via: Memods