No Bones About it, Pirate Guitarrr is Great

This Pirate Guitar is basically the most epic thing you could own if you’re at all into pirates (and come on, who isn’t?) or if you’re in a pirate rock band. You might even like it if you’re a music pirate, or a cardholding member of your local Pirate Party.
The only pirate rock bands I can think of is Alestorm, so if you happen to be a member of Alestorm or if you’re just a huge fan of the genre, this is the perfect guitar for you. In fact, this guitar just emanates so much piratey coolness that it doesn’t matter if you play death metal or art rock, you’ll still look swashbucklingly rad.

pirate guitar 3

When I first saw the picture of the Pirate Guitar, I thought it was just a plastic skull attached to an electric guitar neck. And that would’ve been cool enough, but apparently the creators of this amazing skull-and-crossbones guitar decided to step it up and handpaint the entire body to resemble a 3d skull. As an art fan, I’m completely blown away by the painting’s incredible realism. It looks even  more realistic than an actual cast skull would!

pirate guitar 2

Everything is handmade, not just the painting and the neck, but the pickups and rum flask as well. Yes, I said rum flask. There’s a handmade tin rum flask that slides right into the body of the guitar, because – as the creator, Rick Toone, might say – you never know when you’re going to need rum in the middle of a gig. Truly, words to live by.

pirate guitar 6

Perhaps, to be even more piratey, you could mix yourself up some grog to fill the flask. I’m not exactly sure what’s in grog besides rum and water, but if Monkey Island is right (and since when are video games ever wrong?) the list includes kerosene, acetone, Red Dye #2, and axle grease. Maybe you could stick to Pepsi instead.

pirate guitar 4

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Via: boingboing