StuffBuff: The Online Trading Portal

Researches have proved that shopping is a great means to release stress. If you had the luxury to go on a shopping spree when ever you wished to you sure would be able to ward off all your stress. This is exactly what a website like StuffBuff brings to you.

Online trading is not a new thing. It has been around since the early 1990s and each day more and more players are entering the market. Some specialize in a particular product while some have a range of products to offer. One such player is StuffBuff which aims at getting the right stuff to the right people at the right time.

One very basic plus point of online shopping is that it can be done from the very comfort of your couch. However, StuffBuff acknowledges one downside of this comfort also – it could prove to be quite boring too. Would you not want to take a proper look at that pretty dress you can see on a website or get to know more about it? In any standard online transaction you cannot do so. With the coming of StuffBuff online trading is all set to step into a whole new world. Being a provider of interactive social and sales applications it helps you ‘view, chat and buy in real-time.’

A product like LiveHaggle gives you the freedom to monitor an auction from anywhere as well as chat with a seller directly. This gives a clearer and better picture of the product. You as a bidder can get to see the countdown clock of the product you are interested in. LiveHaggle has no back-channel communication which makes the deal completely fast, fair and transparent.

With Blink! shopping takes a fun turn taking the form of a sport. The more people watch a Blink! auction the faster the price falls. It sets your pulses racing to watch such an auction and the first one to hit the buy button wins the bid. Here you are not only purchasing but also competing with your fellow buyers. If you win a bid it is like awarding yourself with a prize.

Since StuffBuff has a real-time inventory updating facility every new item is cataloged. As a buyer you can get to see when a particular desired product exists. Besides, you are also spared the task of ‘wait and watch’ with StuffBuff doing it for you. You will be informed about the availability of the product the moment it is available. As a seller you can easily list your stuff for sale. Using your webcam you can scan the barcode of your product which will get instant free cataloging into StuffBuff.

With so many wonderful features you would definitely want to get a demo of this wonderful shopping experience. Log on to and be a part of a demo shopping session.

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Via: StuffBuff