The Marvelous Tetris Coffee Mug for the Tetris Enthusiast

Your favorite game of falling tetrominoes founded in 1984, Tetris is back and this time it’s on a mug and serves to add a glint of joy into those boring hours at work and to keep you wide awake with its beauty when you’re working late, fulfilling the job that even the hot beverage that it holds cannot.Tetris Mug 1

This spectacular Tetris mug looks like it has escaped right out of the popular game and wrapped itself around your morning cup of hot coffee and the black background and the colors of seven one-sided tetrominoes, all identical to as they are in the world of Tetris add to its magnificence.

So if you happen to be a Tetris fanatic then beware because you’ll be lost trying to find an appropriate space to fit the falling four squared blocks of I, J, L, O, S, T and Zs. Be sure to get your mind off the game and get back to work.

Tetris Mug 2

This mug makes a great gift for any Tetris loving geek of a friend or office mate, especially with Christmas round the corner and it is certain to start an interesting conversation if another Tetris enthusiast catches you drinking in one of these at the office.

This awesome mug, right out of the game voted as the greatest game of all time by Electronic Gaming Monthly, is available for $12.99 and may or may not improve you Tetris playing ability!

Tetris Mug 3

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