DigiTech Launches The New BP355: Multi-Effects Bass Pedal

Even though most of the new era rock hugely relies on the ‘Bass’ to provide the perfect undertone and harmonics, you will be surprised to realize that when it comes to Bass Effects Processors, you might hardly find a few trustworthy ones; But let me assure all those Bassists out there, this cool new BP355 Bass Pedal Effects Processor might just be the thing you were looking for!DigiTech BP355 1The Bassists in general, are often the unsung heroes of the band (of course there are a few exceptions like Tom Araya, Roger Waters & others), but the fact is that most of the bassists out there spent their whole life waiting for something like the new BP355, and DigiTech surely made someone’s day!DigiTech BP355 2

The new effects pedal features DigiTech’s AudioDNA 2 processor that offers players a choice of 20 amps, 17 speaker cabinets and over 70 effects, including various distortion pedals, flangers, phasers, envelope filters, compressors, delays and pitch shifters, there’s also a 30-sound Tone Library and a choice of 3-band or 4-band semi-parametric EQ.DigiTech BP355 3

The unit offers a choice of 70 factory presets and 70 user setups, and finally the players can hook up the device to a computer or laptop via the built-in USB port and record, edit or manipulate to their heart’s content using the included Cubase LE5 and DigiTech X-Edit software! This is probably the ultimate Bass Effects Pedal anyone could wish for!

Set for release later this month it is priced at a staggering $309, so you better start saving up! Or you can also check out the new Line 6 BackTrack or the Gibson Dark Tiger Guitar.