The Very First Interactive LED Map

Travelling is the best way to experience different cultures, cuisines, and interact with interesting people. People who travel love to share their experiences and let people know the various destination they have travelled to. Travellers commonly use photos and videos to share their travel-related experiences. To a certain extent, maps are also used to highlight the distance travelled. Avid travellers can now share their travel details in an interactive sophisticated manner. The Sharper Image, which is an online retail store, has on display a gorgeously designed LED US Map. You would have seen illuminated maps and printed maps of the United States. The LED US Map with its interactivity and sophisticated design goes beyond a regular map.

With a widescreen ratio of 35.5 x 25.5 inches, the LED US map is helps the user highlight their travels across the United States through brightly lit LEDs. Hundreds of LEDs are strewn across the map in eight different colors. For the very first time, a map allows the user to mark destinations on it with the help of LEDs and display it with a touch of style and class.

The interactive US map comes in a bold black frame and can be displayed on a wall. To highlight the travels on the map, the user has to first mark his or her base location. Two blinking LEDs are used to mark the start spot. The user can then mark the various locations they have travelled to by highlighting that particular location with a LED.

Apart from its interactivity and sophistication, the map is simply beautiful to look at. There is a realistic rendering to the map with the fertile states in a green color tone and the dry states in a brown tone. Canyons and mountain ranges have also been highlighted on the map. The map of Alaska and the Hawaiian islands are displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the map.

The LED US map can be used in corporate offices too as a sophisticated showpiece and to highlight the number of branches an office may have across the United States. When clients walk in to the office and the first thing they see is the beautifully lit US Map, it would create a winning first impression. A brightly lit map portrays a bright future for the company.

The LED US map is definitely more engaging than an ordinary wall map. With its sophisticated and intelligent style, it is sure to impress one and all. To own this map one needs to pay the amount of $149.99.

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