DIY Style Jack-o-Lantern Lamp

There are two types of people in the world: those with interesting lamps and those without. Interesting lamps are intriguing because they are used for more than the purpose of just being a light; they are used for decoration. This particular lamp design falls into that category.


It’s a bit bizarre to see this lamp for many reasons. The first being the fact that this lamp does not illuminate much light, as a lamp itself it pretty much fails its purpose; though that does not make it any less awesome. The light that comes out of this is illuminated from the eyes and mouth, similar to a jack-o-lantern.


The lamp looks really fragile and seems to be made out of a plasyic like substance. By the pictures, it looks as if are supposed to assemble it yourself. It’s difficult to make out more than that simply because the site is written in a different language; a language that has characters that aren’t decipherable to English speakers.

some assembly required

The lamp has two faces which you can choose to switch back and forth from. The first face is a smiley face and the second is an angry one. The faces look radically different in the dark and when the lamp is lit up. This is a needless to say considering most of our perception is based on light. There are many things you can do with this, perhaps you can change it’s face according to your mood, and have it look back at you expressing the exact feeling back at you, or perhaps you can simply use it because its just different and weird.


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Via: Geekhook